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Strategies for Stopping Anxiety Attacks

If you have experienced an anxiety attack before, for sure you will not want to experience the same thing again. However, thinking and nourishing your fears of it happening to you again can only trigger another attack in the future. Hence, instead of worrying about another attack, take some time to find guidance and information in terms of finally ending your anxiety and the attacks it brings. Here are some tips that you must work on closely to ensure success in getting rid of anxiety attacks:

Stay in the moment. Say to yourself, “I feel calm and relaxed.” That’s a relaxation technique you can be armed with. Did you know that one way of combating anxiety attacks is through relaxation? Even if you are feeling very anxious today, you can still prevent an anxiety attack if you relax your mind and body. Hence, it is important for you to learn relaxation techniques such as controlling your breathing and relaxing your tensed muscles to succeed in diminishing episodes of high anxiety. Go to a relaxation class such as yoga or meditation classes to help you out.

Exercise every day. Anxiety gives your body extra adrenalin and energy. Hence, you may want to use up the energy through exercise. Exercising may be as simple as doing a 20 minute brisk walk regularly.

Watch out for caffeine. It can serve as a stimulant. People suffering from anxiety symptoms have higher levels of arousal and alertness. And since stimulants can increase the body’s arousal and alertness more, they will not be of help in fighting away anxiety. Therefore, stay away from coffee, excess sugar, and energy drinks. You must also reduce or stop smoking.

Distract yourself from anxious thoughts. Usually, anxiety is triggered only by your thoughts. Hence, when you start feeling anxious, you can distract yourself by doing some exercise, doing proper breathing techniques, and the like. You may also consider writing down your anxious thoughts and seeing how realistic they really are. You will find out that most of your thoughts are simply just in your mind and will never really happen in real life.

Pay attention to the triggers of your anxious feelings. For instance, social anxiety can be prompted by actions or thoughts related to being in groups. It could even be as specific as a very well-defined social event or setting.

If you are strict about all these tips in your life, you can sooner or later conquer your fears and apprehension. Take note that the starting point of every anxiety attack is your fear. If you address them appropriately, you can succeed getting rid of anxiety attacks forever.