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Category — Luck

Red as a Good Luck Color

Do you think red is a lucky color that can help you get more luck?

Or that it could bring good fortune?

Or help shield a person from bad events?

[

April 21, 2011   Comments Off

Rain on Your Wedding Day Good Luck

Is rain on your wedding day bad luck or good luck? People always wonder.  Why could wedding day rain be a sign of good fortune? It seems like it could be a disaster. People tend to worry about whether the weather on the big day will be inclement or incredible, and are always looking for information forecasting about the anticipated weather. [Read more →]

March 13, 2011   Comments Off

Wanting to Get Pregnant Quickly

How to get pregnant quickly is something we oftentimes wish would happen. We search for info on how to make that occur.

If you husband is about to leave on military deployment, or just coming back, a person does not want to waste any time. You might be wanting to become pregnant fast. [Read more →]

March 6, 2011   Comments Off