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Wanting to Get Pregnant Quickly

How to get pregnant quickly is something we oftentimes wish would happen. We search for info on how to make that occur.

If you husband is about to leave on military deployment, or just coming back, a person does not want to waste any time. You might be wanting to become pregnant fast.

On other occasions it seems that the fates provide a bit of a lag between what we want to happen and it actually occurring. This can be enormously frustrating, depressing, and heart-breaking.

The best we can do is understand a bit of the human biology involved. And of course, tossing in a bit of luck can certainly not hurt (as far as I am concerned, anyway– I do so want you to achieve your destiny and your dreams).

When a couple makes the choice to have a baby the first thing that usually comes to mind is how to get pregnant quickly. There are many practices that can be performed that will increase the odds. Here are a few tips on getting a bun in the oven.

Most people focus on having sex around the time of ovulation.  Of course a woman is unable to get pregnant if she is not ovulating, but many women miscalculate their cycle. Whether a couple is under the impression that ovulation is happening or not, sex should be had at least a few times a week. This practice will help to increase the chances of a baby.

There is a common misconception that sex should be performed after ovulation and this is a myth. Once an egg is released from the ovaries, it typically lives for about 24 hours. Sperm on the other hand has been known to live in the female’s body for days after ejaculation. Before the egg is released sex should begin at least 3 to 4 days prior. This is a valid point when it comes to how to get pregnant quickly.

There are many different methods that are commonly used to help predict when a woman is most fertile. A typical method used is an ovulation chart. These charts can be confusing and easily misread. More people are starting to use prediction kits for a more accurate approach. These kits work well for predicting LH levels in the body. Prediction kits are simple to use, cost effective, and in most scenarios reliable.

When the time comes for a woman to decide to have a baby a doctor’s visit should be first on the agenda. A doctor will be able to answer all a person’s questions on how to get pregnant quickly. There are certain factors that can lower a woman’s chances of getting pregnant, such as an infection or a sexually transmitted disease. If there is something wrong a person can be treated and increase their chances of getting pregnant.

During sex positions should be used that will help to keep the sperm in the vagina for the longest period of time. The missionary position is one of the best to achieve this.  Many couples will often place a pillow underneath of the woman to help elevate her pelvis and help the sperm to travel further inside of her. If a woman suspects that she is pregnant, do a pregnancy test at once.

There’s scientific information, and then there’s the less than proven data. Like luck. And lucky charms. Now, as far as involving luck for getting pregnant, here are a few ideas.

Have you ever been attracted to a rock or a particular pebble as your are walking? It almost seems as though that one is calling out to you to pick it up. So, do that!!  You offer the little stone the chance to move locations, and perhaps in return you get a bit of good fortune and positive karma for doing so. A little rock you pick it up, and all day long you’ll get good luck.

Shells on the shore can have the same siren’s appeal to you as you stroll by. Perhaps one of these wants to be in your pocket for the day.

Now, I probably don’t need to tell you this, but perhaps I will anyway. Picking up anything when it is forbidden by the law seems like a way to incur bad luck instead of good luck. Don’t go to a national forest and pick up petrified wood. That’s against the law. Don’t pick up stones, shells, or flowers when not allowed. Seriously! Anyway, I digress…. back to the topic at hand.

Look on the calendar or in the newspaper for when the next full moon will be. When you see that moon, that full moon, gaze up and make a little wish or prayer for the child you desire to come in to your life. Some people scoff at doing things like this, but really, what can it hurt?

Another tip in the celestial realm, is to make a wish as soon as you see the evening’s first star. Now if you live in a dense urban environment with lots of lighting, or in an area with fog, it can be pretty darn difficult to find a star, much less the first star. But, hey, give it a go. Look for the first star. And make a wish.

Many of us grew up with knowledge of that little rhyme about star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. You wish you may, you wish you might, have that special wish you wish that night. I wish it for you, too.

If you have read this article this far, let me just send you even one more extra special hug. There is no explanation for why having kids can sometimes be difficult. Enjoy each day as you wait for this to happen, and know that others are with you in wishing for your success.