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Learning How to Cure Panic Attacks Without a Trip to the Hospital

For those who suffer from panic or stress induced attacks, they can be a debilitating problem. They may be triggered by crowded places, such as concerts or department stores, stress, like problems at work or a lack of sleep, or even be a symptom of an allergic reaction. Learning good info how to curb and cure panic attacks can give sufferers the freedom to continue their lives without the fear of losing control due to an attack. If you are looking for a way to get rid of panic attacks, the following tips may be able to help.

Oftentimes, these attacks are brought on by a specific trigger. Identifying what these triggers are can help you avoid situations that will exacerbate your condition and can allow you to begin behavior modification to control the attacks. Keep a journal of all the occurrences in recent memory. Record information about the events that surrounded them and look for common threads that may be indicative of a pattern. These items may be anything from the number of people who were there, who you were traveling with, or specific foods that you ate.

Of course, it is not always possible to avoid situations where these triggers may be present, or to anticipate where they may be found. To equip yourself to deal with the attacks if, and when, they come, take some yoga classes to learn more about controlled breathing. Though it may sound like a small skill, controlled breathing can help you lower your heart rate and get over the feelings of loss of breath that accompany these episodes.

Some experts believe there’s credible information that taking vitamin supplements can also help to quell the feelings of panic. Many eat diets that are lacking in Vitamin B-12, and introducing more may help you keep your stress reactions under control. In addition, patients may want to consider taking natural herbs that have a calming effect. Such herbs include everything from Valerian root to peppermint. They may be ingested in pill form, or brewed into a thick tea.

Even the best natural remedies cannot cure panic attacks in every sufferer. In some cases, it may be necessary to work with a doctor or therapist to find a drug and therapy combination that can help you get this condition under control. However, those with more mild panic attacks may find that they can control them completely through the one, or a combination of, the steps above.


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