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Red as a Good Luck Color

Do you think red is a lucky color that can help you get more luck?

Or that it could bring good fortune?

Or help shield a person from bad events?

Red is considered an auspicious color, a positive color, particularly in Asian cultures, and countries like China and Japan.

Red is said to be the most common color found in the national flags of many nations.

In the English language we say that a “red letter day” is one of importance and the term connotes some big event happening.

When we see a red room, right away we know that it’s a place where things happen.


New automobiles

Inside the auto you have just acquired, consider tying a ribbon of red to keep the vehicle lucky and safe in the future .


Red cars

Now, what do you think of this: do you think having a whole red car would be good luck????

Of this I am skeptical.


Because there are a lot of hot rodder dudes who love to look flashy in their red cars. Most especially sports cars. And they love to speed.

So, think about it. If you were a law enforcement officer and saw a red sports car, wouldn’t you then think about clocking it for speed?

Jes sayin’, red vehicles have earned the reputation of speeding lots. In this case, having that red color for your car could work against you!


Single women

Unmarried women are thought to benefit from having a red ribbon tied around their necks to cause bleeding from the nostrils to subside.



In many cultures, Easter eggs are various pastel colors. Not in Greece, or where Greek customs are celebrated. Look for red eggs there when it’s time for celebration of Easter.

Depending who you talk to, there can be different ideas about red
Easter eggs.

- Virgin Mary colored eggs red in remembrance of Jesus and his brief life.

- The red will bring good fortune.

- The color red is a symbol of the redemptive blood of Christ

- The drops of blood shed by Jesus on the cross are symbolized by the red eggs

Breaking the eggs with gusto harkens to the symbolism of the resurrection as Jesus ascended from the grave. In Greek tradition, the individual who has the final victory after a bout of egg-cracking, is he with the last intact red egg. This is believed to offer the assurance of good luck in the future.



Everyone knows that a good marriage takes energy.

Marriage is like twirling a baton, turning handsprings, or eating with chopsticks; it looks so easy til you try it.
- Helen Rowland

What better time to add some luck than as you embark on the journey of marriage on your wedding day ?

For your wedding ceremony, consider having some red on your clothing. This could be a whole red wedding dress for good luck, or red as an accent color (the ribbons on the bouquet, a red garter, a red veil, red shirt for the groom, etc). The wearing of red is believed to assist in the attraction of good luck from heavenly spaces, and to keep evil energy at bay.


Baby names

The Red Egg and Ginger party, a red egg celebration, is the time when infants in China are named. It happens a month after the birth debut of the baby. Distribute eggs dyed a splendid red color.


For teething

Having red silk thread is said to do the trick for decreasing pain from teething.


Infant strollers

Mothers used to fear the Evil Eye would be attracted to their adorable babies. According to tradition, one way to safeguard the infant was to adorn the baby’s carriage or pram with red ribbons.


Preventative Measures

Stave off rheumatism, the pox, and febrile conditions by having a piece of red flannel near you.



Cure a nosebleed, if you believe this old wives tale, by just tying a red string around your neck.



Wearing a red garter is believed to be the trick for maintaining wellness from this medical condition.


Inflamed Throat

A neck wrap of red flannel is imperative to treat this condition and keep the temperature of this bodily region warm.


Direction matters

Avoid using red paint on portal doors or gates that open to either the east or to the west, as this could cause bad fortune to befall you.


Counteract bum luck

In order to let good fortune in and send bad fortune out and on its way, have a red rag around.


Scare Satan

Keep some red around to send the devil running the other way.


For soldiers

Wearing bright red with a military uniform is neither standard regulation attire, nor particularly smart. Just take a small piece of red flannel or fabric and place it inside your combat boots to attract the good and scare away the bad.


Lucky cake

After you frost the cake, why not add red raspberries to the top of the cake for luck?


Luck pie

You don’t have to prepare a red cherry pie in order to attract luck. No matter what flavor of pie you create, simply add a delicious red strawberry to the top of each piece as you serve it to attract a bit o’ good luck.


Like everything else where luck is involved, how well historic customs or beliefs work for you, may have to do with to what degree you are willing to believe that they have value. On the other hand, what can it hurt to suspend disbelief, and see if you can make good things happen with a touch of red color in your life.