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Red Wedding Dresses for Good Luck

Is a lucky red wedding dress in your plans? Consider this info. Maybe you should think about it.

If Kate Middleton knew what was good for her, she could have planned for a beautiful deep red custom wedding gown when marrying Prince William. 

For generations many women have worn red bridal dresses for luck.  With all the press hounding her, and  father in law Prince Charles, and the rest of the royal family, she just might need more wedding good luck than most people.

Red is considered a strong color that is capable of keeping away evil spirits.  Many cultures from numerous countries consider a bride that wears red to be inviting good luck into her marriage.

In northern China, often brides wear a gorgeous red one piece bridal dress called a Qi Pao.  Silver and gold details are embroidered all over in elaborate designs.  Not only is her dress said to bring harmony and good fortune to her union but it also protects by not allowing evil spirits to harm her or her new husband.

In southern China, lucky women embarking on a new life wear a two piece Qun Gua, Cheongsam, or Kwa made of crimson fabric.  Often decorated with dragons or a golden phoenix, these stunningly beautiful dresses cloak the bride in lucky color.  In times gone by, newlyweds in China would see each other on their actual wedding night for the very first time.  It was not until the bride lifted her red veil that her groom was actually able to see her face.

Brides in India often wear scarlet saris as they wed their groom.  The color of luxury and good fortune, they are wrapped from head to toe in decadent silk or organza. Often trimmed with hundreds of tiny gold or silver coins, the color not only is said to bring good fortune but the coins represent the prosperity that the bridal couple hopes will be part of their future together.

Whether the Indian bride chooses to wear a two piece short top and full length skirt or a one piece, the dress is usually covered with a full wrap of sheer fabric.  Veils of red and gold are a popular accent.

Red has some sizzle to it also, so if you are a bride who like different and unique wedding elements, consider the sparkle of red shades and a custom made bridal fashion all your own.

Although it was always highly unlikely that Kate Middleton would be walking down the aisle in a scarlet sheath, it would make sense for any bride at least consider red wedding color accents. Crimson roses in her bouquet might be a place to start.  Ruby earrings in her ears for good luck might be advantageous.

If a bride was really daring she could opt for ruby slippers like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.  Whatever a bride’s choices are, using the information about wearing the color red on your wedding day is definitely a way of stacking the odds in your favor.



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