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Have a Lucky Wedding and Good Luck in Married Life

When you are about to be married you want as much good luck as possible. You do not want your wedded life to start out with bad luck or hard luck—that would be terrible.

How do you get good luck for your wedding?

How to plan a wedding for luck

You cannot possibly do every lucky thing that history suggests might be good to do, so don’t panic. For instance, even if red wedding dresses may be lucky, it simply may not be your style. That is positively okay.

Pick the traditions that resonate with you and your sweetie. We have gathered many here from relatives and friends.


What day to marry

The weather that happens on St. Swithin’s Day may be predictive of future weather.

St. Swithin’s feast day is July 15th. He was the Bishop of Winchester long ago.

According to the ancient rhyme, if the climate on the day of Saint Swithin is mild and without rain, look for good weather in the coming 365 days:

If Swithin’s day be fair and clear,

It predicts a happy year.

If you want good weather and fortune for your wedding day, which falls  soon after St. Swithin’s day, pay particular attention to this olde rhyme:

St. Swithin’s day if thou dost rain

For forty days it will remain

St. Swithin’s day if thou be fair

For forty days ’twill rain nae mair.

Marrying on the day of saintly St. Swithen could be a fortunate choice. Think about it. One of his miracles was that he took a basket of eggs which had been broke, and restored them to whole. Eggs are a well-known symbol for fertility, so indeed, this might bode good luck for future offspring if you were to marry (or become engaged?) on this day, and were looking to get pregnant fast.


What day of the week to marry

Today brides and grooms tend to work around their days off, and the availability of relatives.

However, by law of antiquated folklore, a wedding ceremony day might be chosen according to this nursery rhyme:

Monday, for health.

Tuesday, for wealth.

Wednesday, best day of all.

Thursday for losses.

Friday for crosses.

Saturday no luck at all.

Take it with a grain of salt! Don’t worry if you have selected a different day of the week. Whatever day you decide to marry on, we have more than enough tips to make THAT DAY a lucky day for you.


Cleaning out the wedding location

Be careful about sweeping out the church or ceremony location. Sweeping dirt and dust out the doors, may sweep out money, too, so it could impact finances in the future (!), if you believe this old wives tale.


Does the wedding venue have stairs?

Are there stairs at the wedding location?

If you are planning to descend from the staircase as part of the wedding, be sure to keep this in mind: do not traverse up the stairs part way.

For example, if you start going up the stairs and realize you need to go back, don’t turn around before you get to the top.

This is because going up part way, and heading back down, may bring on some type of bad luck. Go to the top of the stairs, and only then turn around, okay?

Sounds silly, perhaps, but why risk some evil fate.

This actually makes some degree of sense, since turning on the stairs, in itself, could cause you to trip and fall. This would be particularly true if a person was wearing a full length wedding gown and stumbled on it or tripped on a stair while turning.


Luck symbols

Whether you believe in good luck or not, what can it hurt to maximize your symbols of good luck on your wedding day? A symbol of good luck can also put you in the proper spirit to have a good time on your special day.

After all, you are already a lucky girl, marrying a lucky guy. Let’s keep that trend going!

What are some things that bring good luck, according to folk legend and belief?


Lucky Charms

As the bride, you may want to consider a golden or silver charm bracelet, with charms on that are symbolic of lucky things in your life. What good luck charms would be good for the bracelet around your wrist? Try these:

- Stork: According to tradition in countries like the Netherlands, Germany, and America, the stork is said to bring babies to expectant parents. As such, having a stork charm on your wedding day could bring good luck and future babies.

- Four leaf clover: If you have even just one drop of Irish blood, this tradition may already be known to you. Seeing or having a 4-leaf clover is said to be good luck. A four-leaved shamrock must be kept with you in order for it to bring about that good and bountiful luck. It would be good to have a four leafs clover, so that all your problems will be over!

- Ladybug: If a lady bug (also known as a ladybird or lady beetle) comes to you, good luck is supposed to be assured. So if you have one on your wedding day bracelet, what could be luckier? Protection from the Virgin Mary is also associated with ladybugs, because a ladybug with seven spots was thought to be related to the seven sorrows of Mary.

- Lucky starfish: Maybe it’s because we rarely find a starfish or sea star on the beach shore, that they are associated with luck. “Starfish, starfish, bring me a wish!”

- Star charms: In the English language it is common to say that you thank your lucky stars for good events. This would make stars a logical choice for having on your charm bracelet, or embroidered into your wedding gown or petticoat ruffles.


Seeing red

Because so many people believe in red for good luck, consider a hidden bit of red in your wedding ensemble.

Somewhere in your attire, hide a red thread or a red bead.

For the boutonnière of the groom, consider securing it at the buttonhole of his suit jacket with a red-topped pin.


How to bring good luck into your life

By following historic wedding traditions, you are doing the best you can to have a lovely wedding and a fantastic new life.

Laugh at luck, and you will pay

With pain and sorrow, every day.

Keep luck happy and you will see

Good fortune abound for you and me.

Your wedding ceremony and reception are cheerful events. Hopefully the Universe will be more than eager to supply you with large amounts of good luck and good fortune.