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Using Yoga Exercises To Reduce Anxiety Attacks

Stay with me here, if you never thought of getting in to yoga before. Just try on the idea for a moment and see what you think.

Anxiety attacks are often associated with stress, fear, and apprehension.

Hence, the best way to combat them is to relax your body and mind. One of the best ways to offer relaxation to both the body and mind is through yoga exercises. The balancing, breathing, and concentration brought about by yoga can bring the mind and body to a relaxed state, preventing the chances of anxiety attacks. This article will give you guidance and info on using yoga to help you in the goal of reducing anxiety attacks.

The Warrior Pose

Here, you have to position your right foot forward where your knee is bent slightly. Your left foot, on the other hand, must be extended back where the balancing must be done on the balls of the toes. Position your hands straight up and allow your left arm to reach behind you. For better balance, keep your abdominal muscles pulled in. Repeat this pose with the opposite foot following the same rules. Doing this regularly helps reduce anxiety attacks because it is meant to manage stress better.

The Tree Pose

Here, you need to balance your weight on your left foot alone. Slide the right foot up to the inner thigh following the shape of a triangle. Have both arms stretched up with the hands clasped in a prayer position. Remain in this position for several minutes and try not to lose balance by pulling in the abdominal muscles, remaining focused, and breathing deeply. Repeat the same exercise using the right foot to carry the whole body weight.

There are still other yoga positions that can be of great help in relaxing both the mind and body to get rid of anxiety attacks. This includes sitting with the feet crossed, doing arm stretches, sitting with the feet extended in front, shoulder rolls, and a lot more. It is advisable that you enroll yourself to formal yoga training classes to make sure you do the postures correctly and find only success in defeating anxiety attacks in the end.